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TOPIC: Nested Packages and Error Handling

Nested Packages and Error Handling 3 months 1 week ago #19724


AETLP and AETLE v6.3.6.5


GrandParent Pkg
Call Parent Pkg 1
Step 1. Call Child Pkg
Step 1: IMAP4 Action
Step 2: Do Something with Attachments
Step 2: Do something else if The Previous Step 1 did not end in error

Call Parent Pkg 2

In the Child Pkg I have an IMAP4 Reader Action that can quite correctly find no mail in the mailbox. If it does find mail then it needs to process the attachments and end successfully. If there is No Mail then I do not want Step 2 of the parent to execute. But I do need it to pass control back up to the Grandparent so that it can continue to Process the next Parent package.

I had thought that in the IMAP4 Action I would Finish the Package with error and that this would get passed to the Parent package and then on up to the Grandparent so that i could then manage flow control for Success and Error in a similar manner and start processing the next Parent package.

However, my testing indicates that when I Finish the package with error it terminates the whole workflow at that point. If I changed tMAP4 action to be Finish on with SUCCESS then Step 2 of the Parent package will kick in which is not what we need to happen as it dependent on the attachments (if there were any) handled by the child package.

I can probably set a package Variable and test for that as the control is returned from the lower levels and always finish with success from the IMAP4 step. My only concern here is bloated IF conditions in the Packages just to manage flow when there is no mail.

Another option is to collect the mail higher up the tree. But the whole issue I am trying to create a structured process for is where we have a single mailbox folder that collects mail from different partners for different purposes all with different structure, subject, attachment names etc. I plan to have an IMPA4 monitor trigger when mail comes in but because there is no filtering on the IMAP4 monitor I then need to call a package has a decision tree to handle who the mail is from and what it is for. But of course as it reads based on each set of filters it can legitimately fail and move on to the next package ythat does a read again with a different set of criteria.

What would be perfect for us is to have some type of Mail Monitor that triggers once when mail comes in, collects or messages and then there is like a CASE of filtering rules that can then decide which downstream package to use. This way there is still just a single connection to the mailbox, and the filtering can still be quick (regex) on certain metadata such as sender, attachment names, subject.

Any way. just some thoughts on a flow issue we are needing to workaround.


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