Execution Log Enhancement for Consideration

9 years 11 months ago - 9 years 11 months ago #8548 by ckelsoe
It would be totally awesome to have the option to set a debug field which would allow the user to select a field (like an ID field) and display it along side the other debug info. This could be added to the Execution Log tab and reflect a value in the source data. Or it could be a property set in the Reader - "Debug Key: and a list of the fields in the source that the user would select one field. Leaving it blank would result in the same log as we have today. Selecting a debugkey that is not unique would return the value of that field for the error row. This could result in multiple results for the user to look at in the source data - however it would be just a small subset of the entire dataset.

For example - the user could select "RO" as the debugkey so the error "#23000Column 'partssoldpricetax' cannot be null" becomes "#23000Column 'partssoldpricetax' cannot be null where RO = 5678".

Using a different debugkey would look something like this: "#23000Column 'LastName' cannot be null where Cust_ID = 64".

This would make it so much easier find the source row that has the data issue.

Note: This would be a lower development priority than things like the salesforce project you are working on.
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