Error: A component named TransformationEditorFrm already exist

10 years 1 week ago #8064 by ckelsoe

I am running

I had an existing transformation fail due to a source field being missing. I went in and removed that field from the source SQL string. I went into the Validator to refresh it and found that there were no mappings. I deleted and re-added the Validator. I get the message "A component named TransformationEditorFrm already exist" when I try to edit the validator properties. Saving it to the repository did not resolve the issue as it does on some. Exiting the transformation results in an Invalid Pointer Operation. Trying to reopen the transformation generates the error "A component named ImportScriptsFrm4298 already exists.". Exiting the program generates an error "Access violation at address 01A12D8B in module 'AdvancedETLPro.exe'. Read of address 000004A8." Killing AdvancedETLPro.exe via task manager and restarting seemed to resolve.


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