Automating FTP Downloads

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Automating FTP Downloads was created by Joe

I have a situation where I am downloading a tab delimited .txt file from an FTP site and then loading the file to a table via a package.

The transformation that is reading and writing the tab delimited .txt file to the table works great when I run it independently outside the package with the file sitting in a local network folder.

The problem I am having is when the file is downloaded from the FTP site via an FTP Operation within a package.
The file layout seems to change.
The transformation does not read the file correctly and no records are being inserted into the table.

When I open the transformation and view the file again after the FTP download, all the data appears to be in one record. If I change the Line Terminator within the Reader from {CR}+{LF} to {LF} the data then
shows correctly.

This has never been a problem in the past. Why is this happening?

Your help is appreciated.

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I have just downloaded text file from our own ftp site and it did not replace {CR}+{LF} to {LF}
Is there any chance you can create for us a separate account on your ftp site so we can test it
dbsoftlab/dbsoftlab will do


ETL Architect

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