Automating FTP Operations

12 years 3 months ago #2973 by Albert

I am having some problems with a package that I am constructing. I am using ETL Professional.

The package:

· Downloads Excel files from an FTP site (4)
· Reads the Excel files and writes them into an Oracle table
· Moves the files into an Archive folder
· Deletes the files from an FTP site
· Sends and email confirming success or an email stating failure at each point

I am having two problems. 1 is that the FTP will not download – this happens on other packages but not when I use Explorer or other FTP client to download the files. The second is that the transformation won’t run as a package but works fine on its own.

First on the FTP object not working for me. I can get to the FTP files and download them using Windows Explorer or other FTP agent.

I have deleted all except one of the files on the FTP site and made sure that there are no files of the same name in the target directory. What happens is that there are four attempts to download the file. I get download notifications from the FTP site saying the file has been downloaded four times. I am using the same login and username as when I download the files successfully using the FTP client. I am not using SFTP or anything like that. According to the package log, something seems to interrupt the FTP download...


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12 years 3 months ago #2974 by admin
Replied by admin on topic Re: Automating FTP Operations
How big are your files?

Is it passive or active?

Is it behind the firewall?


ETL Architect

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