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I wanted to share this with you.
This is the software we will be using to export XML from MYOB access, FTP upload XML file to server, FTP download order files from server, process order files, and write to our MYOB database.

This software is absolutely amazing, and is very reasonably priced. You can do just about anything with it, and the support from Mike that I have had in setting up the program is just as amazing as the product itself. He has promptly answered all my queries and spent a lot of time helping me configure it specifically for our requirements.

I hope you can maybe even find a use for this for yourself at work or in your future private contracts. Please also forward the link on to anyone who you know who may have a use for it. I really want to support Mike with getting his product out there, as honestly I am blown away with the help he has given me and I feel indebted to him for his service.

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