This article explains how to generate INSERT statements from any data source

This solution is not database specific

Most data bases can generate DDL for any object but not a lot of them allow generation of INSERT statements for the table data.
The workaround is to use of ETL Tools for transferring data across servers. However, there exists a need to generate INSERT statements from the tables for porting data.
Simplest example is when small or large amount of data needs to be taken out on a removable storage media and copied to a remote location, INSERT..VALUES statements come handy.

There is a number of scripts available to perform this data transformation task. The problem with those scripts that all of them database specific and they do not work with textiles

Advanced ETL Processor gives you an universal solution for creating Insert statements. It works with any database or file.

Benefits and advantages

  • Data from both tables and views can be scripted
  • Support for text files
  • Table names and column names with spaces are handled
  • All datatypes are handled
  • NULLs are gracefully handled
  • Timestamp columns are handled
  • Identity columns are handled
  • Very flexible and configurable
  • Computed columns are handled
  • You can filter the rows/lines for which you want to generate INSERT's

Advanced ETL Processor generating insert statements

Generating Insert Statements

We were very impressed when we bought this ETL tool. But now, we are even more impressed, because the company constantly adding new useful ETL features.
You guys have got imagination and vision of how things work in real-life.

Tim Jonson,
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