In a lot of organizations, Excel is everywhere and Excel is everything. It is extremely important for modern ETL tool to work with Excel correctly.

Our software can process and create Excel files automatically, the possibilities are limitless

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Loading Data from excel file

We worked with a lot of finance and accounting companies and the first question they always ask how do we export the data into excel.

How our software work WITH excel as data-source

  • Can load data from multiple files using a mask
  • Can load data from multiple sheets using a mask
  • Can load data from multiple excel ranges using a mask
  • Can read a single cell from a file
  • Can skip header and footer
  • Reads excel data correctly all the time
  • No additional drivers required

The list is so comprehensive because we have done all of it ourself, it is based on our own experience.

Using Excel as a data target

  • Insert data into existing excel file
  • Clear sheet or range
  • Append data to the excel file
  • Create new file

Generating excel file

Workflow operations

  • Check if the sheet is present within excel file
  • Delete sheet
  • Rename sheet
  • Add empty sheet
  • Check excel file

Excel operation

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Why using excel is so popular?

Excel is a commonly used tool in companies for several reasons:

  • Users feel very comfortable using Excel to manage and visualize data.
  • It allows them to build quick prototypes without asking IT for help
  • Most modern application export data in Excel format.
  • They use excel as an analytical tool.
  • Excel allows the users to connect to relational databases and a query them, then store the query results in Excel workbooks.

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