Database Browser - History Of Changes


- Fixed: Issues with inserting default values within the data grid. (MySQL, Postgress, Interbase/Firebird and SQLite)


+ Added: Support for SSH Connections to MySQL,Postgres and MongoDDB


- Fixed: Viewing Views Issues


+ Improved: look and feel
+ Added: New themes Office 2016 White, Office 2016 Gray and Office 2016 Black
+ Improved: default theme is set to Office 2016 White


+ Improved: Third party components update
- Fixed: Installation Issues

+ Improved: Working with Oracle databases
+ Improved: Setup look and feel

- Fixed: spelling corrections

Added: Support for PostgreSQL 12

- Fixed: Issues with command-line interface

- Fixed: Issues with editing MS Access tables

- Fixed: Issues with copying data from grids

+ Improved: Third-party components update

- Fixed: Issues with exporting data into CSV and tab files from grids

- Fixed: Issues with exporting very large grids into excel files

+ Added: Support For MongoDB

+ Third party components update
+ Improved : Incremental Search Functionality

+ Improved: Multiline select statement execution

- Fixed: Issues with updating data via table browser
+ Improved: Third-party components update

+ Improved support for Clarion Topspeed ODBC driver

+ Third-party components update
+ Improved compatibility with third-party xlsx files
+ Improved compatibility with invalid xls and xlsx files

+ Added MRU List to data entry grid
- Removed Ctrl+X shortcut

+ Third-party components update
+ Improved support for DB2 database

+ Excel Import and export form data grids is much faster now
- Addressed issues with exporting data as excel from data grids

- Addressed issues with creating new connections

+ Use Excel Style Filters option was introduced

+ Added Vertical Grid

+ Query builder update
+ Added support for subqueries
+ Added incremental search to the Query builder
+ Third-party components update

+ Setup and executable are digitally signed now
+ Added Donate link

Major Release

+ Third party components update
+ Incremental search was added to all grids
+ Export to RTF was introduced
+ Excel export formats improvements
+ Various Interface improvements
- Minor bugs fixes
- Spelling corrections

+ Ability to change grid font site and grid row height was introduced
+ Excel processing engine update

+ List of connections is sorted alphabetically now

+ SQL statement execution starts from the current cursor position now
- Corrected problem with cloning connections

- Addressed some SQLite issues related to working with date

- Addressed some minor performance issues

- Addressed some SQLite issues

+ Support for working with multiple SQLite databases was introduced

- Corrected issues with delimiters in SQL scripts

+ Added Black and white option
- Corrected problem with adding new connections

+ Smaller executable
+ Memory usage was reduced for Excel files
- Corrected problems with WITH statement

+ Support for BDE was introduced
- Various bug fixes

+ Introduced Autocomplete functionality

- Fixed export to Excel bug
- Various bug fixes and tweaks

+ AutoFocus issue was resolved
+ SQL execution starts from the current cursor position now
+ Ability to copy connections was introduced

+ Connect as the option was introduced for Oracle connection

+ Order of fields was charged in connection dialogue: the user selects server name, enters the user name and password and finally, the user selects the database.
- Corrected some issues related to editing data in SQL Server Compact Edition

+ Support for SSL for MySQL and PostgreSQL connections
+ Support fot MySQL compression

+ Support for Unicode for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Interbase connections
+ Repository is compatible with the upcoming release of Advanced ETL Processor
+ Connection details are encrypted now

+ Support for multiple tabs
+ Connections and Execution history are stored in the separate database now
+ New connection dialog
+ Comments for connections
+ Create date, update date and user name information for connections

+ Support for MySQL 5.5 was introduced
+ Support fro MS SQL Server compact edition version 4.0 was introduced
- Various bug fixes

SQL Execution log improvements

Improved export to excel
GUI changes
New themes were added
Office 2003 Blue
Office 2003 Silver
Office 2003 Olive
Office 2007 Luna
Office 2007 Obsidian
Office 2007 Silver
Office 2010 Blue
Office 2010 Silver
Office 2010 Black
Windows XP
Windows Vista,
Windows 7

Improved support for spaces in table names and SQL reserved words

Support for command line was changed it uses comma as a delimiter now
Connection to MS Access
DatabaseBrowser.exe OLEDB,"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\test.mdb;Persist Security Info=False",,,,
Auto adjusts columns width by default

Data import wizard was introduced

Multiple Grid Selections were introduced
Grid menu was added
Clipboard improvements

Grid Printing Improvements
Various Query builder bug fixes

Added post changes button
Added Optimize Column Width button

Some corrections for German Locale were introduced

Increased connection timeout for long-running SQL

Various bug fixes

Support for SQL Server Compact Edition was introduced
Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Support for command line was introduced

Exports Data directly into Excel (via ole)
Works correctly with mixed case objects in PostgreSQL
Executes selected SQL

Data grid grouping access violations fixes
Send email to support fixed

Support for PostgreSQL 9 was introduced
Works correctly with multiple PostgreSQL schemes
Support for German Locale was introduced
Title Menu
Select all and copy from the data grid

Works directly with Ole DB now

Works directly with SQLite now
Various Interbase/Firebird related bug fixes

Works directly with MySQL PostgreSQL and Interbase/Firebird