Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise is a very easy to use and easy to learn tool that we have been using for over 2 years now with great support from the ETL support team. ETL has been also very responsive in providing new features and new functionality to existing components. Some items are Python support, FTP component features, an enhanced AETLCL.exe execution method, there are many more features and changes release in the last year and a half that were triggered one way or another thru our developers feedback or our particular business needs. My statement to anyone that asks, is that I generally develop and test a solution about 4 times faster than if I were to create some .NET windows services from scratch. I have 5 people on our team who use this software to perform tasks and build solutions. Two of them are DBAs who until ETL was introduced, would use SSIS to create automation or solutions. Now they can get to solution many times faster.
Daniel Fung
Xerox Canada

I come from an SSIS background and I like this one better (overall). We purchase the professional version for the client then schedule the tasks through windows task scheduler or put in a bat file then call it from there. I’ve created a couple of videos using Advanced ETL to share with other Convergence employees. We feel this saves us hours vs developing scripts and code to perform many of the common data sharing functions. One great example, in a bat file, call Advanced ETL to write a text files of orders from the web. That same ETL updates the order status as “received” in SQL. When the text file is complete, then we run a VI for Sage. Works flawlessly.
Also note, these guys are top notch in support. They support is forum based but ETL-Tools normally answers quickly and over the weekends. I even had a case where they created an upgrade over the weekend because of a bug I found. See
Dean  Covey

Everything is working great.  You guys are fantastic.  With Mike’s help the other day, I would have had no clue as to how to proceed with trouble shooting.  It turns out that the Source table database (from our Pharmacy Software) was still corrupt even after their tech support ran a repair.  The problem was 3 asterisks in a date field that prevented the import script executing beyond that set of records.  I have to say, I just became familiar with your software starting last Friday night and I am very impressed with how well it performs.  I have no database programming experience and thanks to Mike, the manual, and your website, I’ve learned a lot or at least enough to ask some of the right questions when things go haywire. We are planning on upgrading to the newest version, however we want to switch out the current computer to a faster one.  Once we complete that and everything is working, we will contact you to discuss how best to complete the upgrade process. Thank you for checking up on us.  I really appreciate it!
Brian Dunleav,
PMC Pharmacy

My experience with DBSoftLab
Im no IT guru - just a small business owner trying to build a website for the first time. Initially i had a need to do a simple XML export of an Access database and upload it to our server. Luckily through Google I found and saw an overwhelming number of choices that I felt could possibly do the job, but I wasn't 100% sure - so I sent them an email. To my amazement I got a response almost immediately from Mike who pointed me in the right direction, and I ended up purchasing Advanced ETL processor enterprise edition. After getting underway I found I was a little out of my depth, but Mike logged in remotely and got me started. He has been there for me through the entire design process and has promptly fixed any problems I was having for me or showed me how to to do things that were beyond my capabilities. We have now gone from using this software for a simple XML export to also using it to retrieve orders, split orders into separate files for each supplier, ftp these orders to our suppliers, and write the orders into our POS database automatically. I also now have many general in store uses in my mind for this software. Not only is the software itself amazing with almost unlimited capabilities, I cannot stress enough how amazing the service is that I have received from Mike.
Mark Rosser,
Gametraders Marion Adelaide Area,

Up until the past couple of years our company has been able to address our data conditioning needs using MS Access, MS Excel together with VB scripts when needed. Over the past few years, we’ve also been able to take advantage of several Business Intelligence and Electronic Forms Processing software packages. Unfortunately, they all require extensive use of conditioned data, consistent structure within data warehouses and the ability to access and interact with disparate external data sources. Being in the finance industry, we have always strived to leverage the MS Office suite. The next logical step would be moving to SSIS, SSAS and SSRS which are expensive, would require dedicated IT support, and at our size is not cost effective. Virtually all IT is outsourced at this time and managed remotely. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in our management team that has experience in VB scripting and while IT is one of my responsibilities, it is not my primary role in the company. I figured that by now, there must also be software available to assist in our data manipulation needs. I eventually became aware of extract, transform and load (ETL) software. Over the course of several months, I spent many weekends testing several ETL software packages, all of which happened to be Java-based which would require more studying on my part for any needed scripting. Each had a free version with limited functionality. Pricing on desktop or enterprise versions were competing with SQL Server which I thought was inappropriate given the limited utility of the products. About a month ago, I happened upon ETL-tools’ Advanced ETL Processor. While I have only leveraged a small portion of the software’s capabilities, the results have been remarkable given the limited time I have devoted thus far. Despite having hundreds of built-in Validation and Transformation functions, their support team has already added two and shortly the third enhancement to their built-in functions to accommodate our specific needs. This is an exceptional product with awesome customer focus and support!
Charles O. Hall,
AltaPacific Bank

Advanced ETL Processor Pro: Out of top 10 ETL tools I tested, dbSoftwarelab provides the only one that can virtually read and write between any standard file formats and DBs without additional user hand coding. And the best thing is, if something doesn't work as expected, dbSoftwarelab service is right at hand - even by remote session. Furthermore, continuous development takes also care for customer's requirements.
Georg R  
Manager Nürnberg Area,

I can only recommend DB Software lab and their product. I am amazed about their skills and the service they provide to the costumers. We (at Spica Tech) had a DB problem that the ETL SW could not solve. We contacted ETL (Mike) and within week there was new versions supporting the OLD Paradox DB and solved my problem..with no added cost !! Beat that..So, if you need some DB tool for doing what ever, try out
Anders B. Jensen
Owner of Spica Technology,
Design engineer

Uploading our product catalogue information from SQL Server to Postgres using SSIS was taking over 45 minutes.  With Advanced ETL Processor we were able to reduce that time to under 3 minutes.  We love this software!
John Dionne
Director of Software Development

 Wow, you are incredible!! Thanks so much for including the working example. I would have never figured this one out.

"Currently we are using Visual Importer Ent to import our client’s customer RMA data into our SQL server for further processing and export same data to their ftp server.
We Process 3000 files daily, 24h x 365d"
C Gandhi,

"Our prior imports were done using VB. Our VB expert retired. No one in my group knows VB. So Visual Importer ETL was the answer to the lack of VB skills problem my group experienced."
Ron Bradshaw,
IT Reporting Manager,
ConAgra Foods / Lamb Weston

"Advanced ETL Processor ETL it is the only software which treats our POP3 server as a database server."
Tom Barker,
Director of Information Technology

"Using Advanced ETL Processor made me realize my time is important and it is expensive. I have wasted a week trying to make SSIS work correctly with Excel. Than I found Advanced ETL Processor and since than no more problems..
Mark Boulton,
Datawarehouse Architect

"DBSL software is important part of core business processes and has enabled us to scale up our capacity."

Tim Matter,
CRM Team manager.

"This [Visual Importer ETL] is such a great help. As expected, it has paid for itself within one week!"
Phill Stive,
Oracle DBA, OU,

"Using Active Table Editor is the easiest way of editing lookup tables  I've ever seen. A free 30-day trial is available on their Web site; the only issue is that when the 30 days are up, you're going to want to buy it."
Moo Ling,
Software Engineer

Within an hour we were able  to populate fact and dimension tables in our data warehouse using Advanced ETL Processor
P. Jonson

Advanced ETL Processor's ability to validate and transform data without actually loading it into the data-warehouse has saved us a lot of time. We were able to see how data will look like, once it is transformed and which records would fail during data validation.
Antony Clark,

"Advanced ETL Processor is superior software... I highly recommend this to anyone who is building data-warehouse. I would and I  have recommended it to many colleagues and customers."

Peter Jonson,
Data Integration Consultant,

"Advanced ETL Processor it is the only software which treats our POP3 server as a database server."

Tom Barker,
Director of Information Technology

"AETL is a perfect fit for our requirements as it offers process automation and integration in one single package. This initiative has helped us to improve our business process efficiency and timeliness."

Sue K,
On-line Logistics

"Because of our relationship with DBSL, We are able to provide more complete solutions for our customers. As one of our key technology partners, DBSL is always willing to go that extra mile: adding new functionality, assisting us with support issues ... and this has been an important part of our success."

Bill Dill,
Deployment Manager

"DBSL software makes it much easier for us to enable new customers for automatic order processing. This alone sets us apart from the competition."

M. Clock,
Clock Logistics

Development team listens to it's customers and implements new features in days sometimes hours.

Paul Gibb,

I want to say your tool has assisted us greatly in launching a large program for a new client. You were very responsive in making changes to accommodate some of our unique needs. Thanks!!

I am continually Amazed by the power and versatility of the ETL tool and the Support Team.
Thank You!

I had my first upload running within 10 minutes of installing Visual Importer ETL
Gene Kovacs,
Director of Technical Business Operations,

"I've been very impressed with Advanced ETL Processor. It is extremely powerful and can validate and transform practically any data set you work with."

David Gig,
Director of Information Technology

"In my personal view, currently there are no other data transformation tools on the market that provide the same value for money as Advanced ETL Processor. The number of features is constantly increasing and If something is missing the will add it for you  ..."

Gabriell Mellotto,
Senior ETL Consultant

My boss told me to keep looking for a more expensive application, assuming Visual Importer ETL couldn't be very good because the price was just too low.  After testing several imports I convinced him that Visual Importer did everything we want so there was no need to pay for a more expensive solution.
Ron Bradshaw,
IT Reporting Manager,
ConAgra Foods / Lamb Weston

One of the good things about Advanced ETL Processor that the trial has no limitations. There is no need to fill in any registration forms or to buy the software in advance.  That saved us a lot of time and we were able to load and validate all our data when we needed it urgently.
John Parker.

"Pricing is an important aspect of our software investment program and DBSL exceeded our expectations in both performance and value for money."

Dana Sander,
ICT Manager

Support team is quick and very often they reply to forum posts within minutes.

Mark Jonson,

"The DBSL Integration solution eliminated our data access bottle neck that previously impeded company growth. We are now able to provide solutions to long standing problems areas such as automated order processing and business reporting limitations. Additionally the solution allows for new opportunities to simply hook-on to our existing data sources. From development through testing the DBSL support  team continues to be helpful, resourceful and responsive to our company needs."

John Kil,
IT Manager

"Using Visual Importer ETL was a lot easier than we expected it to be, and had a lot more functionality than our other software."

Daniel Boel,
Information Technology Manager

We soon realized that Visual Importer ETL was designed by people who use it everyday.
Mark Brown,
MIS Consultant

We had two thousands text files in same format. We were able to load them in one click using Visual Importer ETL.
Pol Barret,

I just transferred 10,000,000 million records from the main SQL Anywhere database over the network into a Postgres database without a hitch.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you


!!!!! You guys rock!!!!!!!!

Bye the way….. Your software rocks big time. This is the easiest way I have ever found to deal with disparate databases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Martin

We did a lot search and finally managed to find a solution Visual Importer Enterprise .
It was amazing how simple it was:
We created dedicated email account, designed package and with one hour we were able to start processing our data

John Talker

We found Advanced ETL Processor remarkably easy to use and DBSL support team provides outstanding value and service.

David Thomson
Marketing Manager

"We used Advanced ETL Processor to give us more flexibility with business automation. And better yet, we always felt that the DBSL support team is a true partner in every sense of the word, assisting us when we needed help"

Carlos Tantis,
Marketing Manager

“DBSL has proved to be a robust and versatile solution that we continue to integrate with different aspects of our business.”

Bob Carter,
IT Consultant

Yes, yes, yes, it's alive !!! :) :) :) Indeed, I have to thank you very much for your good work and quick reply.
I love this product, it is much lighter, and simpler to use, and quicker to load and run than its competitors. Since the day I found it on, it has become my favorite database manager.
I'm glad that it returned back to work as before.
Thanks again

I've tested this tool [Advanced ETl Processor] as well as Qeye, some months ago. I think that this ETL Tool is great for making the ETL process in QlikView more graphical so it can be clearer for users that are not so technical. It has many transformation functions, some of them not present natively in QlikView. So overall, my thoughts about this tool is that it can be a great companion to QlikView in such cases where you need complex transformations or when the QlikView project is "entrerprise size". I even remember seeing an option that allow to writeback data from QV to DB
Jaime Aguilar

Advanced ETL Processor is a great value. If you're going to run business critical processes you need paid support you can rely on, and the staff at DB Soft have always been very responsive. Competitive products range in price from $25K to $100K plus. We've used AETLE for years to move and process over 1000+ files per week, keep well over 2 million emails synchronized between various databases, and update 10's of millions of records in Tableau, among other things.
Michael Speirs,
VP Integrations

I have used DB Software lab at two companies previously and their solutions for healthcare are unparalleled. You will not get better value for money!
Michael Hamilton,
Managing Director -Cognitio Partners Ltd

Albatross and DB Software Laboratory (DBSL) partnered in 2010 and have been working in close cooperation ever since. Over this period of time DBSL software components formed an integral part of a large number of Albatross applications. They have been used to develop the integrated Service Line Reporting (iSLR) system currently used by over 20 NHS Trusts, Patient Education Research Costing System (PERCS), integrated Patient Acuity Monitoring Systems. DBSL proved to be a very reliable partner and the software components provided demonstrated brilliant functionality, ease of use and value for money.
Dmitry Dorsky,
Managing Director at Albatross Financial Solutions Ltd

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