This Example Demonstrates how to convert a Tableau Hyper file into Qlik QVD File

What is Hyper?

Hyper is Tableau's in-memory Data Engine technology optimized for fast data ingest and analytical query processing on large or complex data sets.

What is QVD?

A QVD (QlikView Data) file is a file containing a table of data exported from QlikView. QVD is a native QlikView format.

Steps to follow

  • Download and install Advanced ETL Processor 64-bit [Link]
  • Download and Unzip example[Link]
  • Create a new transformation and open the .ats file

Converting Hyper into QVD 

  • Double click on the Reader object and amend the source file path

Hyper Data Reader

  • Double click on the Writer object and amend the target file path
  • Run the transformation by pressing the green arrow.


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