Those people who work with QlikView know that it requires a direct connection to the database to pull the data from, which is not possible to implement in some situations. One of the solutions is to use QVD files but again there is no way to create them without using QlikView.

In version 10 QlikView has introduced support for QVX files.

QVX (QlikView Data eXchange) is a new file/stream format for high-performance data input into QlikView. A QVX formatted file contains metadata describing a table of data and the actual data. In contrast to the QVD format, which is proprietary and optimized for minimum transformations inside QlikView, the QVX format is public and requires a few transformations when exporting data from traditional database formats.

Advanced ETL processor and Visual Importer ETL allow the user to export the entire data warehouse into QVX files just within a few clicks and no programming


Create QVX form any datasource

Data can be generated from virtually any data source.


All data is exported as UTF8 text using row delimiter

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