We were recently asked to assist in migrating 200+ databases from Oracle into MS SQL Server. One of the options was exporting all tables into text files. There are 252 tables in the source database. We have the ways of exporting data but we would need to create 252 export scripts. The idea of spending the entire day typing “select * from table” did not sound very exciting. We thought what we can do about it and introduced some enhancements

Visual Importer ETL has now Data export wizard so you can export all data in a couple of clicks.
The Wizard creates export scripts and adds them to the package ready for execution at the later time.

It is even better in Advanced ETL Processor you can use the mask to select the tables to export. So if a new table was added at a later time it will be exported automatically.

You can export all data into a single file or create a separate file per table.

Data Export Wizard Screenshot


Perfect ETL does not exist but it can be made better and we are constantly working on improving our ETL software.

Here are some changes we have introduced lately:

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