People quite often ask us why our software is so cheap.

There are several ways to grow the business.
  1. Keeping prices high and at the same time destroying the competitors.
  2. Making products better and  helping others to grow

We prefer the second option.

As you can see from our support forum and website news our software is constantly getting better.

Helping others to grow.

Greed is as bad. The partners want to make money as well. HIgh Prices=Limited number of partners and customers

Imagine the following situation:

You are an expert in a certain area, spend years doing similar tasks.
Now you are thinking: “Let’s have a look at what I have done so far and design something which covers 90 per cent of the issues. Then I will have something to sell to my 20 potential customers”

The cost of most BI software is too high for small business.  There a lot of common tasks which can be automated but because of the cost of software and the cost of implementation is so high they just can't afford it.

Our software allows our partners to create prepackaged solutions for specific tasks which are easy to implement and support.

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