Sorting algorithms are one of the most studied in computer science.

It is extremely hard to invent something new and yet every year there are new papers published about the subject. There are several well-known sorting algorithms:  Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Shell, Merge, Heap and Quicksort. More information about sorting algorithms:

At though it is all nice and clear there is just one problem: the compiler does not know anything about sorting.

So all the code generated must be carefully reviewed and optimized.

Our developers have just completed data sorting optimisation and the result is quite positive:

Version is 2 times faster than version and 12 times than version

On top of that, it sorts data faster than Pentaho Kettle and it should be possible to make it even faster

Testing results:
VersionRecords per secondTime Taken 75,222 39 sec 32,832 1 min 31 sec 5,451 7 min 45 sec 

Sorting Data Faster

Sorting Data Version

Sorting Data Old Version

Sorting data using Pentaho Kettle

Pentaho Kettle Sorting Example

Pentaho Kettle Sorting Results



  1. The performance also depends on the hardware configuration
  2. A bigger sorting buffer improves performance
  3. Please use our support forum to provide us with feedback
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