95 percent of the businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises, All of them want to automate routine business processes so they can concentrate on what is important: running the business.

We offer Automation software which is easy to use and it works right now. There is no need to hire highly skilled staff to deliver automation solution.

With our ETL software, complex processes can be automated with days not weeks.

Current BI trends:

Everyone is talking about BIG DATA, as a result of it everything is geared up towards large corporations with big budgets. Most of the solutions are difficult to implement, use and support plus they require high-end hardware and large BI teams. It is very expensive and difficult to implement something simple, like automatically sending price list updates to the customers.

Fork as ETL?

Our prices start only from 100 USD per license.

Our ETL software was specially designed for ordinary users.

It takes seconds to install it, works straight out of the box, easy to use and easy to support. The trial is fully functional for 30 days and if necessary the trial period can be extended.

Our support team is always happy to connect remotely and assist

Transformation sample

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