Dealing with the repository is a popular topic on our support forum; this article combines all the information about the repository database into one place.

What is a repository anyway?

The repository is a database that stores information about connections, objects, schedule and execution details. Some of the data is encrypted.
The repository structure is the same for all relevant products. This allows sharing and reusing the data.

Following products use repository database:
  • Visual Importer ETL Professional
  • Visual Importer ETL Enterprise
  • Advanced ETL Processor Professional
  • Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise
  • Active Table Editor
  • Database Browser
Supported repository types
  • MS Access
  • SQL server
  • SQL server compact
  • Oracle    
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Interbase/Firebird

Note: The default repository database is MS Access. It is not recommended to use MS Access as a repository in a production environment, because it tends to get corrupted over time

Creating repository

Before "Repository" can be used it must be created and tables inside the repository must be created. There two ways to create a repository manually and using the repository creation wizard

Note:  Once installation is completed user may find all the scripts in C:\Users\Public\Documents\DBSL\Repository Scripts\Repository

Note:  Active Table Editor uses the same repository creation wizard
Database specific repository articles
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