Below is a list of tables used by Products

Table NameUsage Visual Importer ETLAdvanced ETL  ProcessorActive Table EditorDatabase Browser
TEMPLATES Library of objects    
CONNECTIONS Connection details
OBJECT_TYPES Object Types Lookup
OBJECTS Holds objects data: SQL, Forms, Transformations Mappings, Packages and Reports  
OBJECTS_HISTORY Version Control    
OBJECTS_TREE Objects Tree    
QUEUE List of objects being executed right now or waiting to be executed, once execution is completed records are moved into QUEUE_HISTORY table    
QUEUE_ACTIONS Current execution details, once execution is completed records are moved into QUEUE_ACTIONS_HISTORY table    
QUEUE_HISTORY Object Execution History    
QUEUE_ACTIONS_HISTORY Object Actions Execution History    
SCHEDULE Execution schedule    
USERS List of users      
GROUPS List of groups      
ACCESS_RIGHTS Access Rights      
GROUP_MEMBERS List of groups members      
NODES Holds computer metadata    
NODE_STATUS Holds information about software installed    
APPLICATION_SETTINGS  Application settings    
SQL_EXECUTION_HISTORY  History of SQL execution
MENUS  User menus      

Repository Schema

ETL Repository Tables
ETL Repository Tables
ETL Repository Tables

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