New release of Advanced ETL Processor and Visual Importer ETL is available for download

Changes are

Two new tables were added QUEUE_HISTORY and QUEUE_ACTIONS_HISTORY
Once package execution is completed records from QUEUE and QUEUE_ACTIONS are moved into those two tables
These modifications improve overall application stability

Upgrade procedure:

There are two ways to update the repository

Number one
  1. Make a backup of the repository
  2. Create a brand new repository
  3. Restore repository from the backup
Number two
  1. Find relevant script in C:\Users\Public\Documents\DBSL\Repository Scripts\Repository
  2. Find QUEUE_HISTORY and QUEUE_ACTIONS_HISTORY table creation script
  3. Create QUEUE_HISTORY and QUEUE_ACTIONS_HISTORY tables and relevant indexes and keys


By default, monitor screen shows only pending for execution and being executed objects to see full log press "Show History" button.


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