Version of ETL tools QlikView connector is available for download

Changes are:

+ Third party components update
 + Support for the new functions introduced in the Excel 2016 January Update
 + Improved compatibility with third-party xlsx files
 + Improved compatibility with invalid xls and xlsx files
 + Improved : Excel 2010 equations are now preserved in xlsx
 + Improved : Log and rejected records files are no longer using executable location
 + Improved : JDBC Errors Handling
 + New : Support SSL v2, v3, v1_1 and v1_2 was introduced
 + New : Support for opening xls versions from 2 to 4
 + Improved support for RSS feeds
 + Minor transformation designer improvements
 + Calculation transformation function support Python now
 + Added Write to File transformation function
 + SSL Libraries update
 + SalesForce connection uses TLS 1.1 now
 + Add refresh databases button to source and target connections
 + Added support for Unicode in server, database and table names
 + ODBC error messages support Unicode now
 + Added ability to extract 'List of groups the user(s) belongs to' from Active Directory
 + Added ability to extract 'List of group(s) members' from Active Directory
 + Better support for QVD's Timestamp and Date fields
 + Added Ignore Data Format option to Excel Data reader
 + Added Lookup Replace Transformation function
 - Fixed : Problems with reading data from unicode files
 - Fixed order of records specific for Excel 2010 to workaround a bug in Excel 2010.
 - Some very complex files could raise an error when opened in Excel 2010, even when they were correct by the xlsx spec.
 - Fixed : Xlsx files with 0 bytes xml files inside could throw an "Invalid XML file" error.
 - Fixed : Data validations entered manually in xls files could fail to work when opened in Excel
 - Address issues with Change Date Static,Change Date Dynamic and If WeekDay functions
 - Addressed Salesforce data update issues
 - Addressed issues with Running Total transformation
 - Log Object bugs fixes
 - Date fields processing bugs fixes
 - Joiner Object bugs fixes
 - Addressed DTD is prohibited issues
 - Addressed Date validation and conversion problems
 - Addressed issues with print preview screen
 - Addressed issues flicking
 - Addressed issues with loading data from JDBC data sources
 - Addressed issues with loading data from Windows Event Log
 - Fixed issues with syntax highlighting in Mapping editor
 - Addressed issues with clone row object
 - Addressed issues with union and sorter objects
 - Addressed issues with sub-transformation function
 - Addressed issues with split function
 - Addressed issues with joining empty files


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