Configuring Advanced ETL Processor for HL7 Processing
General settings



IP Address

IP address of data reader must be the same as the computer it is being run on.
Use ipconfig to get IP Address


Executing transformation

Click plus
Select transformation to run
Enter the correct computer name
Select how often -> once



To run HL7 Transformation Press green arrow.

Note: Only one HL7 transformation can listen to the port at the same time.

Checking if the transformation is running.


Status must be running

Stopping transformation

Check “Abort Execution” wait for the transformation to abort

Making changes

To apply changes stop and start execution again.

Performance considerations

Writing Thousands of HL7 messages into the same directory can slow down the process.
Creating a new folder for every day or hour will help to keep performance high
Disk space/database space usage must be constantly monitored


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