Today we are proud to announce that after several months of hard work and intensive testing new versions of Visual Importer ETL, Advanced ETL Processor, Active Table Editor and Database Browser are finally live. They bring to the users an enormous number of useful changes, usage improvements and bug fixes.

AETL - Package Designer

  • Parallel Processing
  • Highly optimised code
  • Execution agent is now only 5 MB (compare this to some java ETL tools)
  • Schedule for execution Packages, Transformations and SQL scripts
  • Application Notes
  • Notes for Directories and Connections.
  • Connection testing for FTP,SMTP and POP3
  • Mutiple SMTP, POP3, and FTP connections
  • CRC16,CRC24,CRC32,Adler32,CRC64,eDonkey,eMule,MD4,
    Whirlpool checksums
  • Package Debugging
  • Multiple SQL editors
  • New repository structure compatible with Database browser, Advanced ETL Processor and Active Table Editor
  • Design and Generate Reports
  • Easy agent management


Have an Idea? Let us know and we will implement it for you.
Do not know how to transform the data, let us know and we will help you.

Visual Importer ETL - Report Designer

Please use our support forum to provide us with feedback, we are always happy to assist anyone having problems


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