There are several new ETL Package objects in the latest version of Advanced ETL Processor:
  • Package Variables
  • Scripts
  • HTTP Download
What are the Package variables?

Package variables provide a convenient way of storing/accessing temporary data.


  • Package variable name can be any string.
  • It is not recommended to use very short names for package variables, for example, the user can call a variable “I” and set the value to Test. This might create problems later because It would be replaced with “Test”, so “C:\Program files” would become “C:\Program ftestles”
How Package variables can help business process automation?

There are several ways Package variables can benefit the user:

  • They can be used to provide additional information.
  • As temporary storage of the data, for example for cycles
  • To modify package object properties dynamically  
What are the ways of accessing and modifying package variables?

Script package object allows writing additional complicated checks and validations.
It supports all functions used by Calculation object + variables' functions.

Report Preview


Var I : Integer;

Result:=True;  => Succes
Result:=False; => Failure

Set Variable package object is a convenient way of changing package object properties dynamically.
Once the variable is set, it will be replaced with the actual value for the objects executed after.

System Variables Package object
System variables

System variables are used to provide the user with additional information.
For example, SQL script has failed and the user would like to email the SQL to the developer. Insert <Sql Script> into email message body and it will be replaced with actual SQL automatically

List of system variables:

<Package Name>
<Current Package Item Name>
<Actual Execution Status>
<Execution Status>

<Main Package Log Name>
<Package Item Log Name>
<Rejected Records File Name>

<SMTP Log>
<SMTP Email>
<SMTP Subject>
<SMTP Message>

<Check Sql>
<Check Sql Value>

<Source File>
<Source Directory>
<Source Database>
<Source Server>
<Source UserName>
<Source Password>
<Transformation Processed>
<Transformation Errors>
<Transformation Rejected>
<Transformation Records/Sec>
<Transformation Log>'
<Sql Script>
<Sql Log>

<Application File Name>

<Check File Name>

<File To Compare 1>

<File To Compare 2>
<Zip File>
<File To Zip>
<Directory To Un Zip>

<File Operation Source File>
<File Operation Target Dir>
<File Operation Directory To Create>
<File Operation File To Delete>
<File Operation Target File>
<File Operation File To Change>

<Ftp Remote Dir>
<Ftp Files>
<Ftp File 1>
<Ftp File 2>
<Ftp Target Dir>
<Ftp Local Dir>
<Ftp Log>

<POP3 Email>
<POP3 Subject>
<POP3 Message>

<POP3 Directory>
<POP3 Log>

<Report Export File>
<Backup File Name>

<Export File>

<Disk Space>



<HTTP Download Url>
<HTTP Download File>



Usage examples:
    • Using cycles to load data from multiple directories
ETL Package Using Variables
    • Package variables in File Operation properties dialogue
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  • swissbanking

    I used Advanced ETL Processor in 2 Enterprises for many business processes and Business automation (outside finance department). I did not find any other tool with so many functions and broad flexibility for that Price! If you need support for bugs or solution design you will get it very fast. Best Support I have ever seen.

    Lionel Albrecht
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    IQVIA and DB Software Laboratory (DBSL) partnered in 2010 and have been working in close cooperation ever since. Over this period of time, DBSL software components formed an integral part of a large number of IQVIA applications currently used by over 20 UK NHS Trusts (Hospitals).

    Dmitry Dorsky,
  • xerox

    The product is easy to learn and once a developer understands the ETL way for solving the problem at hand, the developer's productivity will increase. Even our DBAs now uses the ETL software to quickly create solutions instead of SSIS or SQL jobs.

    Daniel Fung
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