There are a lot of useful features in the latest release of our ETL software:
Path builder.

Variables are used when dynamic parameters are required. But remembering them and entering them can be a tedious task. Path builder is here to help.

  • Double click on directory selector (or file selector)
  • Choose directory from the list
  • Double click on it
  • The directory is added to the path

Path builder

Coloured notes

Colored notes

Full list of changes
  • Added: Path builder
  • Added: colours to notes
  • Added: Support for PostgreSQL 12
  • Added: Ability to delete files after compression
  • Improved: Expanded IMAP4 drop-down box
  • Improved: Email attachments handling
  • Improved: The behaviour of the show message action was changed so when running from an agent it writes the message into the log
  • Added: Ability to select Amazon connection endpoint
  • Added: <MessageID> variable to Receive Email Package object (IMAP4 and POP3)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with Objects library
  • Fixed: issues with deleting the text inside notes
  • Fixed: Spelling errors
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