Announcing the new release of all DB Software Laboratory Data transformations products
Changes are:
XML Data example XML Data writer
Calculations and scripting language changes
The syntax is slightly different now
1 source fields are always strings
a) no need to use "[F1]"
b) [F1]+[F2] will concatenate two fields
if you want to add them use conversion functions   
2 use single quotes instead of double quotes
eg GetSystemVariable('SYSTEM_DATE') GetSystemVariable("SYSTEM_DATE")
3 in order to make conversion easier we have added a new menu item
"Correct calculations"
4 Lots of new functions, procedures and language changes (see documentation)
Date time fields support
Default Format was changed to YYYY-MM-DD HH:NN:SS.ZZZ for ODBC and SQL server connections
They also support fractions of seconds now
Direct link, no registration required.