We are a small Accounting Company based in Melbourne. Over the last year, our customer base had grown twice and it is still growing. We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can optimise our business processes. The first thing we did create standard Excel templates for everything. For example, the standard expenses form will consist of customer id, employee id, expense date, category and amount. Using standard forms saved us a lot of time but once all the forms are filled in they had to be processed manually. Our people were constantly under the pressure and we had to employ agency staff on a temporary basis.

Loading Data into General Ledger

Not any more.

During routine "Google search" we discovered Advanced ETL Processor Ent which quickly becomes a cornerstone for automating our business processes.

By using Advanced ETL Processor Ent we were able to eliminate most of our manual tasks

It is like a spider that sits in the middle connected to all our systems.

For example, Here is our expenses form process.
  • A customer emails us expenses form
  • Advanced ETL Processor Ent package connects to mail server, downloads attachment,
  • Loads Excel file into our accounting system,
  • Runs SQL script to validate submitted data,
  • Emails report back to the person who submitted expenses from
  • At the end of the month summary report emailed to the company automatically.

Carl Barret,

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