IP Location is a very useful function when we want to determine the geographical location of a given IP address.

We use www.freegeoip.net web site to get the location and it only allows to make maximum 10000 calls per hour.

 Important Information:
  • There is no guarantee that the location is 100% accurate
  • IP can be behind the firewall so it might be not possible to get the exact location
  • The more aggregated (country level) the more accurate.
  • The less aggregated (exact street number or postcode) the less accurate.
  • IP Location Requires a direct connection to the internet
  • IP Location is a very heavy operation, therefore it can be slow
Basic usage example:

IP Geo Location Example3

IP Geo Location Example1

IP Location Transformation Function

IP Geo Location Example2

The Result

IP Geo Location Result

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