Advanced ETL Processor has now an HL7 transformation engine that enables healthcare organizations to easily transform electronic information

A powerful Data transformation engine
  1. Works with 28 data sources and 22 data targets
  2. 500 + transformation functions
  3. Advanced highly customisable logging
  4. What you see is what you load principle
  5. Faster time to production

Advanced ETL Processor's data preview functionality was designed to make development easier by showing what is happening with the data at every step of HL7 Transformation

Achieve faster time to production by:
  • Testing transformations with live data to know exactly how they will perform in production.
  • Using Log Redirect: Log detailed messages into any database/file then use it for reporting or audit Identifying the problems:
  • Load troublesome data directly into the transformation designer to see the source of the problem.
Protect your investment with integrated version control.
  1. Save milestones, review changes and roll-back errors
  2. Trace who/when/why
  3. Cut time by using Undo and Redo functionality


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