We have just released version 3.5 of Q-Eye.

This version loads and saves QVD files much faster. (Between 2 and 5 times on our test computers)


Performance is not guaranteed and depends on number factors such as: Hardware configuration, Size of files, Number of distinct fields values

Since QVD is a closed format it is not possible to test it completely. Therefore we would like to ask QlikView users to assist us with testing.  

Approximate test plan:
Performance Test  

Find the largest possible qvd file and load it completely into Q-Eye (Record the time took)   
Find the largest possible qvd file and load it completely into QlikView (Record the time took)

Data Quality test

Open a number of qvd files and load them completely into Q-Eye.   
Save the files.   
Load the files into QlikView and check for data corruption.

Data format test  

Create qvd file manually by editing the data in Q-Eye.   
Make sure that you are using all possible formats (text, numeric, date) and languages   
(We are especially interested in testing non-English languages)   
Save the file.   
Load the file into QlikView and compare the data.

Post your findings or suggestions on our support forum:

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