In the latest version of Advanced ETL Processor, we have introduced 20 new data transformation examples. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get started with a new tool. These demos will help you to became Datawarehousing Expert in no time.

ETL Transformation Editor

1. Adding Footer Lines
Demonstrates how to insert newlines after the last line in the group
11. Compare Two Files
Creates a new file that holds new and changed lines
2. Create XML file using functions
Demonstrates creating XML files using functions
12. Create XML files
Demonstrates creating separate XML files for every single record
3. Creating a list of processed files
Files are processed using mask example has two data writes one writes transformed data another creates a list of processed files together with the number of records
13 Database to images
Saves blobs into separate files
4. Dynamic file names
Multiple files are validated, for every file two output files are created with good data and bad data.
Source file name is the part of output file source_file.txt => source_file.good_data => source_file.output_data
14. Excel to access
Loads data from excel with multiple data files unlike DTS or SSIS data is loaded  correctly
5. Generate inserts
Create SQL insert statements using a text file as a data source
15. Generating records
Demonstrates generation records using Pivot another way of doing is to use clone row transformation
6. Grouper
Data grouper demo
16. Images to database
Loads images into a database blob field

7. Multiple Source Files
Demonstrates using calculation together with variables in dynamic file generation.

17. Lookup demo
Simple lookup transformation

8. Pivot example 18. Reading XML file
XML file processing
9. Previous value
Demonstrates using calculations and running totals
19. Simple Transformation
Basis data transformation sample
10. Sorting data
Simple sorted demo
20. UnPvot
Demonstrates working with unpivot data transformation
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