The File Operation Action can be used to perform different types of operations on files and directories such as create, move, delete, and also to set the attributes for files and folders. The different types of operations which can be performed by the File Operation Actions are shown in the below snippet.

  1. Copy File(s) can be used to copy a file from one location to another. You will need to configure both the source and destination when using this operation of the File Operation Action.
  2. Move File(s) can be used to move a file from one location to another.
  3. Rename File can be used to rename a file available within a specified location.
  4. Create Directory can be used to create a folder. You will need to specify the source location where the folder needs to be created.
  5. Delete File(s) can be used to delete a user-specified file from the specified folder.
  6. Merge Files can be used to append one file to another.
  7. Set Attributes can be used to set attributes to files and folders. Different types of attributes that can be set are hidden, archive, read-only and system.

One important benefit to note is that the File Operation Action can use a mask to work with multiple files so there is no need to use loops.

File Operation Action

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