Here is an XML example

XML With Attributes

To load it all we need to do is to set the data source type to XML and select appropriate XML tags for "Table Tag" and "Record Tag"

Data reader settings :
XML with Attributes Datareader

Note: "Ignore Tags" is checked

There is no data in the grid because we have to transform XML into a more readable format first, using XSLT.
XML With Attributes Data

About XSLT:

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents, or other objects such as HTML for web pages, plain text or into XSL Formatting Objects which can then be converted to PDF, PostScript, and PNG.

Typically, input documents are XML files, but anything from which the processor can build an XQuery and XPath Data Model can be used, for example, relational database tables, or geographical information systems.

Source: Wikipedia


XSLT Transformation

Note: To get to this dialogue: open data reader properties, click XML file, check "Transform XML" and click Magnifying glass button

Here is the result of the XSLT transformation:
XSLT transformation Result

XSLT Transformation Examples
  1. How to Transform a Simple XML file
  2. How to Transform a Complex XML file
  3. How to Convert XML Attributes
  4. How to Convert XML into CSV using XSLT 
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