Here what is new is coming in 2017

We a working on extending functionality of Enterprise version by creating monitors

Monitor is a constantly running background process waiting for an event to happen.

For example directory monitor is waiting for a new file to arrive. Once file is here it executes predefined package or transformation.

Planned Monitors:

  1. Directory Monitor
  2. Email Monitor
  3. FTP Monitor
  4. MMQ Monitor
  5. HTTP Monitor
Running 64 bit and 32 bit packages.

Scheduler will be extended so it would possible to say which Architecture to use 32bit or 64bit. Same apply to the log viewer.

Repository modifications.

Repository structure would be modified to accommodate the changes above.

Management console will be extended as well.
Repository connections

We will switch from using OleDB to direct connections to the repository database. This will make using MySQL, PostgreSQL and Interbase/Firebird as repository much easier. We will add support for SQLite as repository and make it default.

Repository backup

Currently it is slow for large databases. There is a way to make up to 10 times faster.


There is a potential to increase performance of update/delete transformations by up 2 times  for some data targets.


There is no such thing a perfect documentation so we will continue working on

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