Why it is important to know how to work with repository.

The repository database stores all the information about connections, transformation scripts, packages, sql scripts, reports and execution logging.  This is where the results of ETL designer hard is stored and obviously no one wants to lose it.

Working with repositoryDefault repository.

The default repository is MS access. This type of repository works fine for development and for small production environment. From time to time we recommend to perform “compact and repair” using MS access. For heavy production environment for example when we want to run packages every minute in parallel we recommend using something else like MS SQL server or Oracle.


Information about current repository connection can be seen at the window header

Creating repository.

Repository can be created by running script or by using repository creation wizard.
They are located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\DBSL\Repository Scripts.

To create new MS Access repository copy
C:\Users\Public\Documents\DBSL\Repository Scripts\Repository\ Repository.mdb in to different directory and connect to it.

Default Repository connections.

When software is installed default repository connections are created such as MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PosgreSQL.  When application first stars it connects to default MS Access repository.

Connecting to different repository.

  • Click Maintain tab
  • Select desired connection from the drop down box
  • Click reconnect.

Provided that you are using default settings all open objects will be saved and application will connect to different repository.

Creating new repository.

  • Click Maintain tab
  • Click create new
  • Follow the wizard steps
  • Once repository is created connect to it

Creating new repository connection

If you want to create new connection to the existing repository:

  • Click Maintain tab
  • Click options
  • Click plus
  • Fill all necessary details
  • Test connection
  • Click OK

Same dialogue can be used to amend exiting repository connections.

Backing up repository

  • Click Maintain tab
  • Click backup
  • Select the file to save data into
  • Done

Restoring repository

  • Click Maintain tab
  • Click restore
  • Select the file to restore data from
  • Done

Advanced ETL Processor has a lot of useful features designed to make the life of Business intelligence consultants easier. One of it is "Magic Button". At any time the user can press it and see the result of data transformation or validation without actually loading the data.

Here is data sample we want to check if customer id is numeric and reject it if not

Source data Here is the mapping we will use for it.

Mapping ExampleIs Number transformation functionWe press the "Magic Button"

Magic buttonAnd we can immediately see the result of transformation: record rejected 

Mapping Result failure

record passed the test Mapping Result success

It is also possible to enter the data directly into source grid and test it the transformation that way

Mapping Result success

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This Article provides examples of complex and simple data. We recommend using   Advanced ETL Processor for working with complex data structures and Visual Importer ETL with simple, if in doubt please contact us and we will help you to choose.

Simple data example : Excel file.

Data has stable structure and there is only one value in the cell. Most database tables and delimited files can be considered as simple data. except when single field has multiple values or holds xml data.

Simple excel fileSimple XML file:

XML tags are in the same order, number of tags is always the same and there are no attributes, This XML does not require any additional transformation and can be easily loaded into the database.

Simple XML

Complex XML message:

Structure is not stable, number of tags is different for different customer record, plus it uses attributes. This XML may need some additional transformations.

Complex XML

Complex Text file:

Data is split between different rows some empty rows should be ignored, some data must be taken from the header

Complex TEXT

Sql insert script:

Data can be easily extracted or generated using   Advanced ETL Processor

Insert Statement

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Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise runs on Microsoft Windows 2008/2012//Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

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Transformation sample

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