Based on the customer feedback in the latest version of Advanced ETL Processor we have introduced support for the web services

What are the web services.

The simplest way to describe it as a way of communicating with the web servers. The application sends a request to the web server using XML and receives back a reply as XML. One of the examples would be converting Fahrenheit to Celsius or getting current currency exchange rate. A lot of modern websites such as Ebay, Amazon are using web services as a standard API for developers.

Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius

In order to communicate with temperature conversion web service we need to build HTTP Request Header and HTTP Request Body dynamically, There are several ways of doing it the easiest way is to use "In Place Replace transformation" function

Generating HTTP Request Header



During execution #value# is replaced with body length

HTTP Request Body



During execution #value# is replaced with temperature

Web Service URLProperties



 Note: There is a detailed example in the default repository




We have a scenario where we have a large datasource that is currently used to produce a single QVW. What we would like to do is produce a number of smaller QVWs using e.g. Publisher - however, we would like to define the reload schedule and destination folders that these smaller QVWs end up in from an external MySQL table (or config file or similar), rather than through the Publisher GUI. Has anyone done anything similar, or got any recommendations on how to approach this?

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Solution: Advanced ETL Processor QlikView automation package

Package is executed from the lef to the right starting from "Init Variables" object


First of all we've created the following table to store parameters, it can be extended if necessassry


Table data:


Step 1: Init variables.

Variables are used to replace one string with another, for example anywhere in the package where <RoorDirectory> is found it will be repalced with c:\Customers.


Configuring Advanced ETL Processor for HL7 Processing

General settings



IP Address

IP address of data reader must be the same as the computer it is being run on.
Use ipconfig to get IP Address


Executing transformation

Click plus
Select transformation to run
Enter correct computer name
Select how often -> once



To run HL7 Transformation Press green arrow.

Only one HL7 transformation can listen to the port at the same time.

Checking if transformation is running.


First of all, we do have documentation and recommended settings are described in the documentation, plus we have online tutorials.

Getting help fast.

The most important thing is to follow the rules and provide all necessary information first time.

Bad support request example:

We have just downloaded your software and we have an error message.
Please help it is urgent

Which software? Which Error?


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