First of all, we do have documentation and recommended settings are described in the documentation, plus we have online tutorials.

Getting help fast.

The most important thing is to follow the rules and provide all the necessary information the first time.

Bad support request example:

We have just downloaded your software and we have an error message.
Please help it is urgent

Which software? Which Error?


Problem: Strange access violations when executing the packages

We do not recommend using MS Access Repository for production. It works fine for development, but over time it tends to get corrupted. Plus it has 2 GB database limit. When Access Repository is corrupted users may get strange access valuations. If you wish to use Access as Repository do compact and repair once a week.

  1. Stop the agent
  2. Close Application
  3. Open repository in MS access
  4. Do “Compact and Repair”

Problem: Some of the data is not being saved into the repository when working with MySQL repository

Check settings for ODBC Dsn and described in the documentation
Increase max_allowed_paket_size
Problem: Not able to use PostreSQL repository

Check settings for ODBC Dsn and described in the documentation and make sure that they are exactly the same.


Problem: We have added a new field to the table and now our mapping is invalid and nothing work. Do we have to remap everything?

The mapping is position based to solve the problem you can

  1. Add a field to the end
  2. Add another transformation before the writer and use automap

Problem: Not able to load data into Date fields.

We use standard ODBC format for date fields ‘yyyy-dd-mm hh:mm:ss’
If the data is already in this format no modifications are required.
If not use “Format Date” function in Advanced ETL Processor or apply a format in Visual Importer

Avoiding losing repository data.
  1. Make regular backups
  2. Use integrated version control.

Problem: I am working with bad data and transformation is very slow my logs are huge.

Too much logging slows down transformation.

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