Advanced ETL processor provides extended support for automation of compression and decompression operations, it supports a wide range of archive file formats such as

for compression

Zip archive *.zip;*.jar;*.ear;*.war;*.cbz;*.apk;*.wsz;*.wal;
BZip2 archive *.bz2;*.bzip2;*.tbz2;*.tbz
7z archive *.7z
Tar archive *.tar
GZip archive *.gz;*.gzip;*.tgz;*.tpz
Swf archive *.swf

for decompression

Zip archive *.zip;*.jar;*.ear;*.war;*.cbz;*.apk;
BZip2 archive *.bz2;*.bzip2;*.tbz2;*.tbz
Rar archive *.rar;*.r00;*.cbr
Arj archive *.arj
Z archive *.z;*.taz
Lzh archive *.lzh;*.lha
7z archive *.7z
Cab archive *.cab;*.fwp
Nsis archive *.nsis
Lzma archive *.lzma
Lzma86 archive *.lzma86
Pe archive *.exe;*.dll;*.sys;*.bpl
Elf archive *.
Mach-O archive *.
Udf archive *.iso;*.img
Xar archive *.xar;*.safariextz
Mub archive *.
Hfs archive *.hfs
Dmg archive *.dmg
Compound archive *.msi;*.msp;*.doc;*.xls;*.ppt
Wim archive *.wim;*.swm
Iso archive *.iso;*.img
Chm archive *.chm;*.chi;*.chq;*.chw;*.hxs;*.hxi;*.hxr;*.hxq;*.hxw;*.lit
Split archive *.001
Rpm archive *.rpm
Deb archive *.deb
Cpio archive *.cpio
Tar archive *.tar
GZip archive *.gz;*.gzip;*.tgz;*.tpz
Ntfs archive *.ntfs;*.img
Fat archive *.fat;*.img
Mbr archive *.mbr
Vhd archive *.vhd
MsLZ archive *.
Flv archive *.flv
Swf archive *.swf
APM archive *.
PPMD archive *.pmd
Terse Executable *.te
UEFIc archive *.scap
UEFIs archive *.
SquashFS archive *.squashfs
CramFS archive *.cramfs

Package automating compression

About data compression

Data compression refers to the process of encoding large files in order to reduce the number of bytes. Smaller files occupy lesser memory space and are also easier to transfer over a network, which could be the Internet, intranet or a LAN. The automation of compression files can be of great help here.

Compression involves applying an algorithm to the required data that removes the redundant bits. Redundancy is very common in most types of computer files. Visual Importer compression mechanism gets rid of this redundancy thus compressing the file. Breaking them into smaller parts and sending them over a network can compress files that are extremely large. These files are then reassembled at the receiving end to get back the original data.

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