Accumulate strings data transformation function adds strings from previous records together, although it is possible to implement this functionality using variables the decision was made to create a separate function for it. The benefit of this approach is simplicity and performance. An alternative approach is described in this support forum post

Accumulate Strings Transformation Function

Accumulate strings is one of those functions where it easier to show what is does than to explain it
A working example

Source Data

Record NoKeyValue
1 1 To Be
2 2 Or
3 3 Not To Be?
4 1 Green,
5 2 Long,
6 3 Socks

Transformation Result

Record NoKeyValue
1 1 To Be
2 1 To Be Or
3 1 To Be Or Not To Be?
4 2 Green,
5 2 Green, Long,
6 3 Green, Long, Socks
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