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Removed tables


New tables

EVENT_MONITORS holds data about Event Monitors
NODES Holds metadata information about computer where software is installed and running
NODES Holds metadata information the software installed on the computer, used pause execution


Following fields were removed from QUEUE and QUEUE_HISTORY tables


Following fields were added to QUEUE and QUEUE_HISTORY tables



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The procedure as follows

  • Stop execution agent
  • Make a repository backup using latest release of Advanced ETl Processor Ent/Pro version 5
  • Install Advanced ETl Processor Ent/Pro version 6
  • Create Brand New repository and connect to it
  • Restore repository backup

We recommend to use separate computer for testing first

Today we are proud to announce release of Advanced ETL Processor Ent version 6

The main feature in this release is introduction of monitors. Monitor is a windows service which waits for certain event to happen. It automatically responds to events by performing user-defined tasks and actions.

  • Directory Monitor
  • FTP Monitor
  • POP3 Monitor
  • IMAP4 Monitor
  • MSMQ Monitor
  • HTTP Monitor

event monitors

Full list of changes:

Options Dialogue

  • "Execute only local actions" option was removed
  • "Use agent for execution was" removed

Maintenance tab

  • Complete redesign

Schedule tab

  • Execute on computer check box was removed

Schedule dialogue

  • Execute on computer check box was removed
  • Application Platform drop down box was added

Execution log tab

  • Execute on computer check box was removed
  • Added Submitted,Executed and Platform fields

Submitted = application name which added action to the execution queue
Submitted = application name which executed the action
Submitted = application platform which executed the action (Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit)

  • It is now possible to change use agent option
32 Bit 64 Bit BUY

What is Next:

  • We will add ability to work with multiple computer/nodes to management console
  • Support for mongodb will be introduced 

As usual we welcome suggestions from our users

Today we have a great news indeed: Both Visual Importer ETL and Advanced ETL Processor can publish tde files to Tableu server now. That will please a lot of Tableau fans.

Publish Tableau File  Other changes are:

  • Added :   Tableau Server Connection
  • Added :   Publishing Tableau TDE files
  • Improved: Updated Tableau Client

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The day has come: Q-Eye is available from Microsoft App Store

It took a lot of time and effort but finally we are there. We would like to thank Microsoft staff for their assistance.


32 Bit 64 Bit Portable Donate

Note: Q-Eye is not on Qlik Market despite the fact that number of people and companies promised us to help with this matter. We believe that eventually it will happen. Meantime we will continue making it better. 

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