I the latest release  of our ETL Software we have made FTP directory list  the same for SFTP and FTP servers

The format is:

  • Permissions
  • File Size (if present)
  • File Modification Date (if present)
  • File/Directory Name

File is tab delimited with no headers

Here is a small BUT useful tip:

you can now generate table creation script by simply clicking on the data



And here is the SQL script:

create table TableName (
[YEAR] CHAR(10),

It is not ideal but it is a very good start

This update applies to both Visual Importer ETL and Advanced ETL Processor

Q-Eye version 6 is available for download

In this version we have made a lot of changes to file metadata dialogue:

  • Incremetal search
  • Fields sorting
  • Data export
  • Print/preview

Q Eye1 V5

Q Eye1 V6

Q Eye2 V5

Q Eye2 V6

Q Eye3 V5

Q Eye3 V6

32 Bit 64 Bit Portable Donate

Based on customer feedback in the latest version we have added new package object Excel Operation Action

It allows to:

  • Check if Excel Sheet exists
  • Delete Sheet
  • Add Sheet
  • Rename Sheet

See it yourself, Download Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise now

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