Q-Eye version 6.5 is available for download

The most important change is Metadata dialogue refreshment with a lot of useful information

Q EyeMetaData

Next important enhancement is introduction of Field Metadata Dialogue:

Q EyeFieldMetaData

The rest of the changes are:

  • Restructured Ribbon toolbar
  • Double click on the header renames field
  • Metadata dialogue's xml and file tabs are only shown to not yet modified documents
  • Generate LOAD Statement button was added to Metadata dialogue.
  • Ability to edit "generated load statement" was introduced
  • Added option to set number of rows
  • Added option to set number of columns
  • Added shortcut to insert row
  • Added shortcut to delete row
  • Added shortcut to insert column
  • Added shortcut to delete column
  • Improved column drag and drop functionality
  • Format button was renamed to fit to content
  • Software automatically adds rows when necessary
  • Lots of small but useful bugs fixes

Q EyeMarked

32 Bit 64 Bit Portable Donate

Note: Q-Eye is not on Qlik Market despite the fact that number of people and companies promised us to help with this matter. We believe that eventually it will happen. Meantime we will continue making it better. 

Creating TDE files

tableau partner

A Tableau data extract file (TDE ) is a compressed snapshot of data stored on disk and loaded into memory as required to render a Tableau viz. 

All versions of Advanced ETL Processor support Tableau TDE files as data target

Here is a screenshot of Advanced ETL Processor generating TDE file:


About Tableau

Tableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards with a few more. It's easy enough that any Excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems. Securely sharing your findings with others only takes seconds.

The result is BI software that you can trust to actually deliver answers to the people that need them.


Learn how to create TDE files today

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Here what is new is coming in 2017

We a working on extending functionality of Enterprise version by creating monitors

Monitor is a constantly running background process waiting for an event to happen.

For example directory monitor is waiting for a new file to arrive. Once file is here it executes predefined package or transformation.

Planned Monitors:

  1. Directory Monitor
  2. Email Monitor
  3. FTP Monitor
  4. MMQ Monitor
  5. HTTP Monitor
Running 64 bit and 32 bit packages.

Scheduler will be extended so it would possible to say which Architecture to use 32bit or 64bit. Same apply to the log viewer.

Repository modifications.

Repository structure would be modified to accommodate the changes above.

Management console will be extended as well.
Repository connections

We will switch from using OleDB to direct connections to the repository database. This will make using MySQL, PostgreSQL and Interbase/Firebird as repository much easier. We will add support for SQLite as repository and make it default.

Repository backup

Currently it is slow for large databases. There is a way to make up to 10 times faster.


There is a potential to increase performance of update/delete transformations by up 2 times  for some data targets.


There is no such thing a perfect documentation so we will continue working on

As usual your feedback and suggestions are welcome please post them here:

We have added the following fields to AD user data extract:

  • displayName
  • distinguisedName
  • initials
  • mailNickname
  • publicDelegates
  • sAMAccountType
  • scriptPath
  • showInAddressBook
  • sn


This update apply to both Visual Importer ETL and Advanced ETL Processor

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