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The most important change is how settings are stored.  All of them used to be saved in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and since Microsoft had tightened windows security it brought a lot of problems and error messages.  In order to make life everyone easier decision was made to move common settings into "ini files" and user-specific settings to HKEY_CURRENT_USER  registry key. The benefit of storing common settings in ini files that it is extremely easy to copy repository settings from one computer to another.  

Active Table Editor

Other changes are:

  • Added: Support for MongoDB
  • Fixed: User access issues
  • Fixed: Issues with checking the version
  • Fixed: Backup/Restore Issues
  • Improved: Third party components update
  • Improved: Various bug fixes and improvements

More information:

All settings are stored in C:\ProgramData\ folder, that makes moving software to a different computer much easier.

ATEOptions.ini holds designer user interface settings plus global variables values

Connections.ini holds a list of all available repository connections

Note: This list is shared among all applications

ATEConnection.ini this file holds repository connection name

Note: It might necessary to amend repository connection details after installation

Repository Upgrade Procedure

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New version of Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise is available for download

In this version we concentrated on fixing small bugs and extending functionality of Management console

management console

Other chages are:

+ Added: Event monitors editor to Management Console
+ Added: Incremental Search to Object Selector to Management Console
+ Improved: Restoring backups (Some users add fields to repository tables and that led restore failures)
+ Improved: Look and feel of Pivot object on win2008 server
+ Improved: Look and feel of UnPivot object on win2008 server
+ Improved: Look and feel of Application options dialogue on win2008 server
+ Improved: Look and feel of Smtp connection dialogue on win2008 server
+ Improved: Object Selection Drop donw always shows correct icon now (Scheduler Dialogue and Event Monitor Dialogue)
+ Improved: Removed "Every" field from event_monitors table
+ Improved: Third party components update (Data Grid)
+ Improved: Empty Data Grids show message
+ Improved: Execution log within Package editor looks the same way as execution log (Tree)

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New Version of Active Table Editor is available for download

Changes are:

+ Added: Vertical Grid Menu item type
+ Third party components update
+ Improved : Incremental Search Functionality


More Information

Sending emails in HTML format does not sound like a massive achievement, however, for most ETL tools it requires a lot of preparation.  

Today we have a pleasant surprise for our customers:

In the latest version of our ETL software, we added a fully functional HTML editor. This makes sending HTML emails much easier. It is also possible to embed pictures

Sending emails with embedded pictures from etl workflow

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