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The user may receive the message above after installing 64 version of our ETL Software. This is because by default 64 bit OLE driver for MS Access is not installed on Windows. Although it is possible to install 64 bit OLE driver for MS Access by using our software we strongly recommend against it. The best course of actions is to use a proper database as repository such as MS SQL Server or Oracle.

Installing MS Access Runtime

During setup, our software will install Access runtime if selected

Installing 64-bit Access runtime on the computer where 32-bit version of MS office is already installed will lead to problems working with MS office (Repairing MS Office installation message).


All our ETL tools have no limitations, that means you can load your data today and solve all the data quality problems right now.

Dealing with repository is a popular topic on our support forum; this article combines all the information about repository database into one place.

What is repository anyway?

Repository is a database which stores information about connections, objects, schedule and execution details. Some of the data is encrypted.
The repository structure is the same for all relevant products. This allows sharing and reusing the data.

Following products use repository database:

  •  Visual Importer ETL Professional
  •  Visual Importer ETL Enterprise
  •  Advanced ETL Processor Professional
  •  Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise
  •  Active Table Editor
  •  Database Browser

Supported repository types

  • MS Access
  • SQL server
  • SQL server compact
  • Oracle    
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Interbase/Firebird
Note: Default repository database is MS Access. It is not recommended to use MS Access as repository in production environment, because it tends to get corrupted over time

Creating repository

Before "Repository" can be used it must be created and tables inside the repository must be created. There two ways to create repository manually and using repository creation wizard

Note:  Once installation is completed user may find all the scripts in C:\Users\Public\Documents\DBSL\Repository Scripts\Repository


Note:  Active Table Editor uses the same repository creation wizard

Database specific repository articles

More information

We are constantly working on optimizing the performance of our ETL software. Typical ETL process is very similar to a river. Narrow parts prevent water from flowing freely. But if there is no water widening narrows parts will not help. The data flow starts with the data reader. So it is important to make it very fast. It is so important to measure performance correctly.  We always use the same table structure and the same file format for testing.  We did spend a lot of time optimizing SQLite data reader and manage to make two times faster

Latest version Advanced ETL Processor extracts data from SQLite more than 2 times faster

etl sqlite 

Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise version does 123,000 records per second and extracts 14mln records in 1 minute and 53 seconds

transform sqlite data up to two times faster

Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise version does 364,000 records per second and extracts 14mln records in 38 seconds.

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