Sending emails in HTML format does not sound like a massive achievement, however for most ETL tools it requires a lot of preparation.  

Today we have a pleasant surprise for our customers:

In the latest version of our ETL software we  added fully functional HTML editor. This makes sending HTML emails much easier. It is also possible to embed pictures

Sending emails with embedded pictures from etl workflow

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Great news we have just become Tableau Tecnology Partner. This is a result of  continued Tableau integration work.


Our ETL Software  can be used for creating  and publishing Tableau TDE files

We also offer free licences to Tableau ZEN Masters

tableau partner


Our software can read and create QVD files, We spend a lot of time making sure that it works as expected.

The Problem

But there is a problem: reading date fields. Our software assumes that if there is tag $date or $timestamp it is a date field. However quite often this assumpltion is wrong.  It is just telling us that it is possible to prepresent the data as date value and it does not necessaraly mean that it is actually a date field.


How Datetime data is stored

Datetime fields are strored as a number, 12/01/2015 and 12-01-2015 look different but intrenal numeric representaion is the same

Numeric representation of date field

The Solution

In the latest release od Advanced ETL Processor we added new option "Ignore Format". When selested data is always interpreted as a number

Ignore Format Option

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