The new version of Advanced ETL Processor is available for download

This version addresses well-known problems related to working with Excel files

  • Works directly with all versions of Excel
  • No ODBC, OleDB or MS Jet Required
  • Works correctly with mixed data types
  • Works correctly with cells with more than 255 characters
  • No need for IMEX=1, HDR=Yes or Registry hacks (TypeGuessRows)
  • Works with ranges
  • Loads data correctly all the time + no need to edit Excel file
  • Can create Excel files in Excel 3.0-2017 format
  • Can insert data starting from specific cell
  • Can clear area before adding data into Excel
  • Can add headers

Loading Data from Excel File

The sad story is: what ever you use: Excel ODBC, MS Jet, Ole DB, .NET sooner or later you will hit the brick wall.
You can not load the data correctly without modifying excel file. We receive thousands of excel files every day.
I mean do you seriously expect us to modify them manually every day? What kind of automation is that?
We tried DTS it did not work tried SSIS it did work either, so we wrote vb macros to extract the data.
We do not do it any more since we have discovered Advanced ETL processor It saved us thousands of hours.
John Spoon.

Also Data grids modifications:

  • A grouping panel was added
  • Advanced filter dialogue was introduced
  • Record number in the grid



Direct link, no registration required.