Design complex data transformations and SQL scripts add them to the package together with the report, file, FTP, email and many more actions and schedule them for execution on a regular basis.

By combining simple Package actions together Advanced ETL Processor Professional helps businesses to automate complicated business processes and everyday tasks.

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Using native API for Oracle(OCI), MS SQL Server(BCP), ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase/Firebird gives Advanced ETL Processor great performance - thousands of records per second, plus most of the tasks performed, without writing a single line of code.

Every package execution is logged, In the event of an error, the Advanced ETL Processor Professional generates a detailed and explanatory report, giving the user ultimate control of the accuracy of the data.

Works out of the box, Backed up by fast and unparalleled Support

Data warehouse Implementation efficiency

Advanced ETL Processor Pro cuts BI solutions implementations by 10+ times. Our remote consultancy service allows us to decrease it even further.  Advanced ETL Processor gives our customers data integration capabilities built into a straightforward graphical user interface. At any stage, the user can press the "Magic Button" and see the result of the transformation without actually loading the data.

Data Integration in Advanced ETL Processor

Advanced ETL Processor Pro allows you to easily associate target and source data structures using drag-and-drop functionality. A vast built-in library of advanced data processing filters and functions is available plus you can write your own transformations using powerful data transformation language in more complex data integration scenarios.

Integrating Data from/into multiple data sources

Advanced ETL Processor Pro lets you easily integrate data from multiple data sources or split data from one data source into many. Multiple data sources can be specified through support for wildcard characters (e.g., ? or *) and it can be applied to the files/tables or sheets.
Advanced ETL Processor Pro also allows you to use calculations in file names as parameters in your data integration projects. for example, you can use it to load data from today's files only.

Complete Business process automation

Advanced ETL Processor Pro allows you to automate entire business processes such as File operations, Emails, FTP, HTTP, compression/decompression and much more.

Future-proof software

We listen to our customers and constantly work on improving our software and adding new features