This article describes how you can export all tables from any database into text files

 First step is to download and install Advanced ETL Processor Professional from here

Than we need to create an ETL  package. Let call it Export Package.

Here is a flash tutorial

Export Package

 Double click on Export Data Object and select appropriate connection type

Mass Export into csv files

 Next step is to specify tables to export. It also possible to use mask as a filter

Mass Export into csv files

 If necessary user can restrict number of records tables to export

Mass Export into csv files

 And last step is to select output file format. User can export all data into one file or into separate files.

Mass Export into csv files

Lets run the Package

Information    10/05/2010 18:30:33    Preparing to execute: Mass Export
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:33    Package Started
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:34    Executing Export: Export all Tables
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:34    Executing:Export all Tables
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:34    Found: 10 Tables(s) to read
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:34    Mask: *
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:34    Reading all tables
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:35    Source Table: Total_Sales
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:35    Data Source has: 3276 Records
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:35    Export File : c:\support\testTotal_Sales.csv
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Source Table: Orders_Analysis
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Data Source has: 17 Records
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Export File : c:\support\testOrders_Analysis.csv
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Source Table: price_list
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Data Source has: 69 Records
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Export File : c:\support\testprice_list.csv
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Processed: 8574 Record(s)
Information 10/05/2010 18:30:36    Records per second: 98552
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Time Taken: 00:00:00
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Done!
Information    10/05/2010 18:30:36    Package Finished
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