Design Input Forms, Create Reports, Control Security and much more

Let’s imagine the following situation you have an accounting software package and would like to design some additional reports. You know the database structure pretty well and created some mapping tables for the reports. Now you need to give the end-users the ability to change the mapping tables, export data and run Reports. You may use Oracle SQL Plus or MS SQL Server Management Studio to do that but these tools are far too complicated for the users.
This is where Active Table Editor may step in to give you a helping hand.

mt_ignore:Active Table Editor

Active Table Editor allows the administrator to log in and design the look of the application for the end-users. You can edit user menus, security settings, menu items and input forms. All this complexity is left behind the scene for the end-users. Once logged in, the end users see and edit the data, which was defined by the administrator. There is also an opportunity to use the command line and in this way bypass the login screen.

  • Edit ANY table in ANY Database
  • Data Entry Form Designer
  • Report Designer
  • User Menu Designer
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Export data from the database
  • SQL Builder
  • Comprehensive security management
  • Easy-to-learn interface

Practical and useful software

If you think about any business software you have used so far. All it can do is to enter some data, export data; import data run some reports and run calculations. Plus it also has some integrated security. But if you think about how much effort is required to create such software it is a completely different story.

After years of implementing BI solutions, you know for sure that it is not possible to import everything, quite often it is necessary to enter the data manually like control totals, actual or starting budget.

With Active Table Editor, it is possible to implement data entry functionality in one hour. The time savings and efficiency is incredible.