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+ Added support for dinamic file names in attachments
+ Up to 5 percent faster now

+ Up to 5 percent performance increase

- MySQL date preocessing bugs fixes
- Addressed some copy/paste issues

- Minor bugs fixes

+ Added library of objects

- Addressed issues of empty date fields

- Addressed issues of loading data from Excel files

+ Added snap to grid option
+ Added RichText object to the Report Designer
+ Addded Data Port option to FTP Connection

- Addressed issues with sending emails

+ Added following variables

+ Documentation Update
+ Extended functionality of send email action
- Addressed issues with loading data into MySQL

- Addressed some FTP Package dialogue issues

- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files

- Addressed issues with long object names

+ HTTP Form package object was introduced
+ Documentation update
+ ,, system variables we added

- Corrected issues with FTP automation

- Addressed issues with auto-save functionality

+ Progress dialogue shows now execution log as well
+ Progress dialogue has option to clear log first
+ Support for Zoom in/Out was introduced
+ Better printing support
- Email processing bug fixes

- Corrected issues with processing emails send by IPAD
- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files

- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files

+ Added send as HTML option
- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files
- Fixed bugs related to loadig data in to VARCHAR(MAX) fields.

+ Better handling of large Salesforce tables
+ Support for multiple Salesforce environments was introduced
+ Emails are send as HTML now
- Addressed issues with updating data

- QVD reading bug fixes

+ Incremental Object search works with comments and connections now
+ Better handling of empty Salesforce tables
+ Support for GreenPlum was introduced

+ Added ability to hide tabs on main screen
+ Added select count(*) from table menu item to sql browser
+ Added Space Horizontally and Space Vertically buttons
+ Search dialogue edit box value is stored in registry now
- Addressed issues with date fields processing
- Addressed issues of loading data from delimited files

+ Added option to resize objects selector

+ Added search functionality to package editor
- Salesforce bug's fixes

+ Better source connection errors handling

+ Extended Global variables scope
- Salesforce bug's fixes
- Fixed problem with zip files locking
- Resolved Synchronization problem

- Fixed data preview screen
- Addressed issues with loading data from Salesforce
- Addressed issues with loading data into NTEXT fields

+ Sales force connection support latest API now
+ Support for MariaDB was introduced
+ Documentation Update
- Addressed problems with package editor
- Addressed problems with loading date fields
- Addressed problem with handling NULLs
- Fixed AV when loading data into MySQL

- Addressed problem with ping object

+ Minor Interface improovments
- Addressed problems with excel date formatting

- Addressed problems with SalesForce connection
+ Documentation update

- Addressed problems with formating dates

+ Another 10 percent performance increase
- Addressed problems with scientific numbers in Excel
- Fixed bug with too many rejected records
- Smaller executable
- Addressed problem with non ASCI characters in scripts/transformations/mappings etc

+ Up to 10 percent performance increase
+ Up to 3 times faster comparing to version

+ Up to 100 percent performance increase

+ Further 20 percent performance increase for loading data from text files

+ Global Variables (very useful for switching from development to production)
+ Further 10 percent performance increase for loading data from text files
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

Another performance boost

+ Up to 50 percent increase for loading data via OleDB
+ Up to 40 percent increase when using stored procedures for loading the data
- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

Massive performance boost

+ ODBC to SQL Server up to 48.51%
+ Text to ORACLE via Conventional Path Loading up to 27.10%
+ Text to ORACLE via Direct Path Loading up to 34.99%
+ Text to PostgreSQL up to 32.60%
+ Text to SQL Server via BCP up to 33.89%
+ Package Objects Selector is movable and resizeable now
- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

Massive performance boost:

+ text to PostgreSQL up to 25 percent
+ text to Oracle up to 25 percent
+ text to Oledb up to 25 percent
+ text to MYSQL up to 10 percent
+ text to MS SQL server up to 25 percent

+ Multiple files decompression was introduced
+ File Rename with mask was introduced
- Undo/Redo bugs were fixes
- New object creation bugs were fixed

+ QVD generation bugs fixes
+ Added option to save scripts without opening them

+ Option to schedule execution on the last/first day of the month was added
+ Documentation update

+ Connection mapping dialogue was added to repository synchronisation wizard

+ Data reader timeout was introduced for ODBC,Access,MS Sql Server, OleDB, PostgreSQl, MySQl and MS Sql Server CE connections

+ Smaller executable
+ Memory usage was reduced for Excel files (50-25 percent less)
+ Added ObjectId label to data target properties dialogue
- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

- Addressed Repository Synchronization wizard bugs

- Various bug fixes

+ Introduced Repository Synchronization wizard

+ Addressed problems with updating Oracle blob fields

+ Undo/Redo Functionality was improoved
+ Documentation update

+ Various bug fixes
+ Documentation update

+ Documentation update
- Addressed some regular expressions bugs

+ Added support to Redo and Undo to package designer
+ Added Register option to help menu
+ Various bug fixes and interface improvements

+ Added snap to grid to functionality
+ Various bug fixes and interface improvements

+ Added align left, align top, align right, and align bottom buttons
+ Better object selection for packages
+ Various bug fixes and interface improvements

+ Support for PGP was introduced
- Various bug fixes

+ Added Keep Characters Function
+ Added Epoch to Date Function
+ Added Date to Epoch Function
+ Interface improvements
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ Improved support for MS SQL Server 2012
+ Improved support for BDE
+ Logging improvements for Connection type, connection name and connection details
+ Executable is smaller now
+ Support for Excel 2013 was itroduced
- Agent bug fixes
- Various bug fixes

+ New function was introduced ExecuteObject(ObjectId)
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ Support for BDE was introduced
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ Added copy paste functionality to IMAP connections
+ OLE Reports Dialogue is resizable now
- Various bug fixes

+ Introduced Auto complete functionality
- Addressed some issues related to loading data from QVD files
- Various bug fixes

+ Support for stored procedures as data target was introduced
+ Performance improvements for MS SQL Server Connection
+ Various Bug Fixes
+ Documentation Update

+ Added option to ignore XML tags between Table tag and Record tag
+ Documentaiton Update

- Repository Scripts fix
- Various bug fixes

+ Support for QVD files was introduced
- Various bug fixes

+ New Version control tab was introduced
+ Version control can submit several objects now
+ Version control dialog can delete multiple objects now
- Various bug fixes

+ New package object was introduced = Case
+ New variables ,,'
- Various bug fixes

- Various bug fixes

+ Massive performance improvement up to 10+ times for some data sources/targets
- Various bug fixes

+ Support for BrightPearl was introduced
+ Support for IMAP4 was introduced
+ Support for Sales Force was introduced
+ Support for JDBC was introduced
+ Additional filters for file/zip and check file operations
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ Uses 10 times less memory for large excel files
+ Support for loading data from RSS, Google spread sheets and windows event logs was introduced
+ Dynamic Excel sheet names
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ 10x performance increase for generating QVX files
- Addressed some issues related to working scheduler
- Various bug fixes

- Addressed some SMTP problems

+ Support for Dynamic SQL for ETL transformations was introduced

- Addressed some issues related to working with integrated scheduler

- Addressed some issues related to working with MS Sql Server Compact edition

+ Support for QlikView QVX files was introduced
- Various bug fixes

+ Timeout was added to sql scripts

+ Support for decompression of following file formats was introduced:

Zip archive *.zip;*.jar;*.ear;*.war;*.cbz;*.apk;*.wsz;*.wal;*.xpi;*.crx;*.dfsz;*.pcv;*.bsz;*.mskin;*.wmz;*.ipa;*.docx;*.xlsx;*.pptx;*.sxw;*.sxi;*.sxt;*.sxd;*.sxc;*.sxm;*.sxg;*.stw;*.sti;*.std;*.stc;*.odh;*.odd;*.odt;*.odm;*.ods;*.ots;*.odg;*.otg;*.odp;*.otp;*.odf;*.odb
BZip2 archive *.bz2;*.bzip2;*.tbz2;*.tbz
Rar archive *.rar;*.r00;*.cbr
Arj archive *.arj
Z archive *.z;*.taz
Lzh archive *.lzh;*.lha
7z archive *.7z
Cab archive *.cab;*.fwp
Nsis archive *.nsis
Lzma archive *.lzma
Lzma86 archive *.lzma86
Pe archive *.exe;*.dll;*.sys;*.bpl
Elf archive *.
Mach-O archive *.
Udf archive *.iso;*.img
Xar archive *.xar;*.safariextz
Mub archive *.
Hfs archive *.hfs
Dmg archive *.dmg
Compound archive *.msi;*.msp;*.doc;*.xls;*.ppt
Wim archive *.wim;*.swm
Iso archive *.iso;*.img
Chm archive *.chm;*.chi;*.chq;*.chw;*.hxs;*.hxi;*.hxr;*.hxq;*.hxw;*.lit
Split archive *.001
Rpm archive *.rpm
Deb archive *.deb
Cpio archive *.cpio
Tar archive *.tar
GZip archive *.gz;*.gzip;*.tgz;*.tpz
Ntfs archive *.ntfs;*.img
Fat archive *.fat;*.img
Mbr archive *.mbr
Vhd archive *.vhd
MsLZ archive *.
Flv archive *.flv
Swf archive *.swf
Swf archive *.swf
APM archive *.
PPMD archive *.pmd
Terse Executable *.te
UEFIc archive *.scap
UEFIs archive *.
SquashFS archive *.squashfs
CramFS archive *.cramfs

+ Support for compression of following file formats was introduced:

Zip archive *.zip;*.jar;*.ear;*.war;*.cbz;*.apk;*.wsz;*.wal;*.xpi;*.crx;*.dfsz;*.pcv;*.bsz;*.mskin;*.wmz;*.ipa;*.docx;*.xlsx;*.pptx;*.sxw;*.sxi;*.sxt;*.sxd;*.sxc;*.sxm;*.sxg;*.stw;*.sti;*.std;*.stc;*.odh;*.odd;*.odt;*.odm;*.ods;*.ots;*.odg;*.otg;*.odp;*.otp;*.odf;*.odb
BZip2 archive *.bz2;*.bzip2;*.tbz2;*.tbz
7z archive *.7z
Tar archive *.tar
GZip archive *.gz;*.gzip;*.tgz;*.tpz
Swf archive *.swf

+ ZIP dialog can decompress and compress files now
+ Order of fields was charged in connection dialog: user selects server name, enters the user name and password and finally user selects the database.
+ Even smaller executable now
- SMTP testing was fixed for SSL connection
- Export Dialog alignment problem was corrected
- Main windows alignment problem was corrected
- Position saving problem was addressed for validator/transformer/package editor
- Corrected some repository creation scripts


+ New repository structure compatible with Database browser,
+ Advanced ETL Processor and Active Table Editor
+ Mutiple SMTP, POP3, and FTP connections
+ Design and Generate Reports
+ Projects
+ Easy agent management
+ Package Debugging
+ Highly optimised code
+ Schedule for execution Packages, Transformations and SQL scripts

+ CRC16,CRC24,CRC32,Adler32,CRC64,eDonkey,eMule,MD4,MD5,RIPEMD160,SHA1,SHA224,SHA256,SHA384,SHA512,Whirlpool checksums
+ Simplified Repository management
+ Execution log has Execution time percentage
+ Schedule package execution directly from the package designer
+ Same for sql scripts and data transformations
+ Schedule for execution on specific computer
+ Schedule for execution using agent only as option
+ Easy agent management
+ Simplified Repository management
+ Agent status logging and current agent tasks grid
+ Documentation update
+ Support for themes
+ Open Excel/text/access files from Visual Importer ETL
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Package debugger was introduced
+ Breakpoints were introduced
+ Execute single package object option was introduced
+ More generic log viewer
+ Execution agent writes startup error messages in the log file
- Disaprearing tree nodes problem was addressed
- Minor interface tweaks

- Double atachment fix

+ Support for variables in inport was introduced
+ Better error handling for datasource

+ Support for MySQL 5.5 was introduced
+ Interface Improvements
+ Command line parameter transformation function
+ Standard print preview
+ Support for scrolling in Package editor
- Boolean fix for MySql
- Better error handling for ADO and MS Sql scripts

Addressed some issues related to processing emails

Added pause package execution object

Fixed bugs related to working with time fields in MySQL
Export into excel via DDE was introduced

Added Support for XSLT transformations
Various bug fixes

Ping Server and Check Database connection was introduced
It is also possible to schedule package for execution directly from the package designer
Various bug fixes

Data Transformation Package can be run every second now

Data import wizard fixes
Import Script can get variables values from packages now

Added "Search in subdirectories" option to data reader

Fixed number of issues related to loading data from XML file

Package editor interface improvements

Clear log shows dialog box first
Direct Latest Version downloads from application
Various Bug Fixes

Get latest version menu item was added
Support for utf-16 was introduced for XML data reader
Various bug fixes

Data transformation language extension


DeleteCharacters(S,CharactersToDelete) Deletes specific characters from the string
Delete(S,Start,End) Deletes part of string S
EnsureNoPrefix(S,Prefix) Removes prefix from the string when present
EnsureNoSuffix(S,Suffix) Removes Suffix to the string when present
EnsurePrefix(S,Prefix) Adds prefix to the string when not present
EnsureSuffix(S,Suffix) Adds prefix to the string when not present
EscapeString(S) C style sring escape
UnEscapeString(S) C style sring unescape
LeftDelete(S,Length)Deletes Left part of the string

Fixed number of problems related to working with uniqueidentifierfileds in sql server
Added post changes button
Added Optimize Column Width button for all grids
Some corrections for German Locale were introduced

Addressed sftp host key not verified problem

Addressed number of problems related to working with uniqueidentifier fields in SQL Server
Fixed bug loading zero length files
Various bugs fixes

SFTP bugs fixes

Support for MS SQL Server Compact Edition was introduced
Calculations Enhancements
Various bugs fixes

Fixed Issues with SQLite imports
Support for zip files > 4 gigs was introduced

Support for SFTP was introduced
Various problems related to working with very large files were resolved

Various bugs fixes
Repository creation wizard was introduced

Problem with null dates was resolved

Majour update

Calculations and scripting language changes

Syntax is slightly different now

1 source fields are aways strings
a) no need to use "[F1]"
b) [F1]+[F2] will concatenate two fields
if you want to add them use conversion functions

2 use single quotes instead of double quotes
eg GetSystemVariable('SYSTEM_DATE') GetSystemVariable("SYSTEM_DATE")

3 in order to make conversion easier we have added new menu item
"Correct calculations"

4 Lots of new fuctions, procedures and language changes (see documentation)

Date time fields support

Default Format was changed to YYYY-MM-DD HH:NN:SS.ZZZ for ODBC and SQL server connections
They also support fractions of seconds now

MD5 Function was introduced
Various bug fixes

Works correctly with mixed case objects in PostgreSQL
Various bug fixes

Data grid grouping access violations fixes
Send email to support fixed

Loads Data from XML files
Works correctly with multiple PosgreSQL schemes
Support for PosgreSQL 9 was introduced
Support for German Locale was introduced
Select all and copy from data grids
Documentation Update

Loads data into PostgreSQL 9.0
Improved Unicode support for Oracle connections
Title menu in data grids was added
Various Data transformation improvements

Supports multiple newline delimiters now

Memory leaks fixes

Works directly with SQLite now
New look and feel
Various Interbase/Firebird related bug fixes
Fixed bug with import of MS Access tables with spaces in names

Various bug fixes

Works directly with Excel 3.0-2007
No ODBC, OleDB or MS Jet Required
Works correctly with mixed data types
Works correctly with cells with more 255 characters
No need for IMEX=1, HDR=Yes or Registry hacks (TypeGuessRows)
Loads data correctly all the time + no need to edit Excel file
Data grids modifications:
Grouping panel was added
Advanced filter dialog was introduced
Record number
New look and feel
Table browser loads data much faster
Sql browser loads data much faster
Log screen loads much faster
Various Access violation and bug fixes

Various interface improvements
Various access violations were fixed
Problem with duplicated fields was resolved
Application loads much faster now
Large repositories are updated much faster now

HTTP Downloads and ETL Package scripts were introduced
System Variables
Documentation Update
Some problems were addressed related to loading data into varchar(max),nvarchar(max),varbinary(max)

New button was added to data transformation log
Show first 100 records

Various bug fixes

Support for SQL Server 2005/2008 was improved

Improved support for blobs.
Various bug fixes

Fields Notes were added

Support for FTPS and FTPES was introduced
Support for Ole Db was added
Minor bug fixes

New tab was added to data source properties dialog called "Data reading restrictions"
Find Object dialog was added
Minor bug fixes

Various bug fixes

Repository Synchronization bugs were fixed
Support for MySql, Intebase and PostgreSql was added to Sql Check Data
Package copy paste bug was fixed
Minor bug fixes

Added GetSystemVariable("OUTPUT_RECORDNUMBER")
Aded new calculation function DateDiffS
DecDateS(Date1,Format1, Date2,Format2,Type):String.
Use DateDiffS to calculate Type difference between two dates.
Documentation update

Data Export Wizard was introduced
Now you can export 3000+ tables from the database with couple of clicks

Two new package objects Show message and Ask question
Additional option of Ftp object Passive/Active
various bugs fixes

Support for MySql, PostgreSQL and Interbase was added

Minor bug fixes

FTP Move files option was added
Move files has "Overwrite files" option now
Minor bug fixes

Some spelling errors were corrected
FTP Directory Listing is tab delimited now
Minor bug fixes

ODBC Connection String Builder Was Introduces
Support for FTP Directory Listing
Improved support for NonStop ODBC/MX 2.0 ver ODBC Driver
Various Cosmetic Changes and Bug Fixes

Automatic Version check was introduced
Various bug fixes

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