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What our customers say:

"Currently we are using Visual Importer Ent to import our client’s customer RMA data into our SQL server for further processing and export same data to their ftp server.
We Process 3000 files daily, 24h x 365d"
C Gandhi, Nesa-Canada

"Our prior imports were done using VB. Our VB expert retired. No one in my group knows VB. So Visual Importer ETL was the answer to the lack of VB skills problem my group experienced."
Ron Bradshaw,IT Reporting Manager, ConAgra Foods / Lamb Weston

"Advanced ETL Processor ETL it is the only software which treats our POP3 server as a database server."
Tom Barker Director of Information Technology

"Using Advanced ETL Processor made me realise my time is important and it is expensive. I have wasted a week trying to make SSIS work correctly with Excel. Than I found Advanced ETL Processor and since than no more problems..
Mark Boulton,Datawarehouse Architect

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If you are struggling with the amount of data you have to process every day you came to the right place http://www.etl-tools.com/automate-your-business-processes-now.html http://www.etl-tools.com/automate-your-business-processes-now.html

If you are struggling with the amount of data you have to process every day you came to the right place

Our objective is to design user friendly ETL software, which easy to deploy, can be used without training and works immediately after the installation. Our ETL software can be used by non-technical staff and there is no need to ask IT department for assistance

With our ETL software any business small and large can automate routine process and concentrate on what is important: growing the business.

Simplicity is the answer:

Have ever tried to explain over the phone to an accountant how to load data from excel file using SSIS? 

Our ETL software removes burden of support from IT departments.  It is designed in such a way even if there is a problem it is very easy to get support from us.

All our products are compatible with each other and they can share same repository. For example if the user creates a connection in Visual Importer ETL it can be used in Active Table Editor as well. That cuts the development time and cost.

Today most of BI software vendors concentrate on large companies’ demands helping them to process terabytes of data. The solutions they create are unaffordable to start-ups and small business. They require expensive hardware and highly qualified staff.  The fact is 95% of all businesses are small businesses and our ETL software can help any business to achieve their goals.

Here are the some examples of what our software can do for you today:

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Looking for Independent Consultants http://www.etl-tools.com/looking-for-independent-consultants.html http://www.etl-tools.com/looking-for-independent-consultants.html

Grow your business with us

As our customer’s base grows from time to time we are contacted by our clients whether we offer training, implementation services in their country.

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