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Advanced ETL Processor News

Major release of Advanced ETL processor

The most important change is support for multiple readers and joiner object

Multiple Readers

Other changes are:

  • Support for multiple readers
  • Joiner Renamed to Join
  • Joiner Object was introduced
  • Skip empty fields option was introduced to Join object
  • Incremental object search was added to package designer
  • Addressed issue with sending SMS messages
  • Minor interface improvements
  • Writer and Reader description are mandatory now
  • New option to Include reader name into Rejected records file


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Reusable Data Transformation Objects

We are constantly working on making our ETL software better. In the latest version we have introduced new object called Substransformation.

This is the first step of implementing reusable objects.

Quite often there are many processes which may share common requirements.
Using reusable objects in these cases avoids duplication of metadata and reduces the development time.


Sub Transformation Screenshot

Making ETL software faster

After our development optimized Q-Eye so it loads 7.5 millions of records per second. We have started optimizing our ETL tools.
Both Advanced ETL Processor and Visual Importer ETL are up to 50 percent faster.

Good news that it is possible to optimize it even further. We have also implemented a lot of suggestions from our customers.
Full list of chages can be found in history list.


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